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Pomoly Stove TIMBER Titanium Tent Stove Videos

1. Titanium Tent Stove For Winter Camping – Pomoly Timber Stove

Video author: Lonewolf 902

Hot tent winter camping with a wood stove is lots of fun. Here we look at the new Timber titanium stove for backpacking and hiking. very easy to assemble and keeps you very warm during the winter. Also a quick look at the T1 titanium stove and some differences between them.


Video author: Brant & Garvey

The hot tenting season will be here before we know it! This season, I decided to upgrade from my homemade ammo can stove to the Pomoly Timber woodstove.

3. Pomoly Prototype Titanium Wood Stove Installation And Disassembly

Video author: POMOLY – Wilderness Equipments

This video shows you all the steps and details about setting up the Pomoly hot tent wood stove. Following this instruction video, you can easily complete the folding Titanium stove installation and disassembly. This hot tent stove is made of Titanium material and fireproof glasses. Campers can use this stove cooking and heating inside their hot tent. Pomoly hot tents and Pomoly wood stoves are the best combination for outdoor camping adventurers.

4. Titanium wood stove first burning with change in color

Video author: POMOLY – Wilderness Equipments

This video will quickly show you the discoloration process of titanium tent wood stove. When you start burning your new titanium tent stove, the color will be gradually changed from Grey to Starry sky blue. This is an artwork. Really awesome. Campers can carry it along with a hot tent, then just enjoy the happy outdoor time.


Video author: Brant & Garvey

Burning- in and priming our new Pomoly Timber titanium tent stove. No commentary, just a relaxing fire. Full field-test coming in the next video.

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