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Tag: Hot Tent Tips

What is Hydrostatic Head in Hot Tent?

Quick View: 1. Hydrostatic Head Introduction 2. Hydrostatic head and usage scenarios 1. Hydrostatic Head Introduction The hydrostatic head is often a key indicator of the waterproof performance of a tent. The hydrostatic head is 1000mm, which means that the tent fabric can withstand a 1000mm high water column...

8 Best Hot Tent brands on the Market (Buyers Guide)

Quick view: 1. Ultra-light hot tent Pomoly  Luxe Hiking gears Seek Outside One Tigris 2. Durable hot tent Pomoly Esker Snowtrekker Russian Bear SPRINGBAR 1. Brand: POMOLY  Brand Introduction: POMOLY is a company specializing in the production of hot tents and tent stoves. The main purpose of the company...

Is Pomoly A Real Company?

Who Am I? I’m John from New York city. Because I really like my 4-person hot tent and my titanium stove I bought in pomoly, I did some research on them. Note, some of the information I list below were directly asked from Pomoly team. By the way, these...