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Tag: Hot Tent Tips

What is Hydrostatic Head in Hot Tent?

Quick View: 1. Hydrostatic Head Introduction 2. Hydrostatic head and usage scenarios 1. Hydrostatic Head Introduction The hydrostatic head is often a key indicator of the waterproof performance of a tent. The hydrostatic head is 1000mm, which means that the tent fabric can withstand a 1000mm high water column...

8 Best Hot Tent brands on the Market in 2021(Guide)

This is an introduction to the hot tent brand. These brands include Luxe Hiking gears, Seek Outside, and One Tigris, which make ultra-light hot tents. There are also Pomoly, Esker, Snowtrekker, Russian Bear, and SPRINGBAR of durable hot tents. Quick view: 1. Ultra-light hot tent Luxe Hiking gears Seek...

Is Pomoly A Real Company?

Who Am I? I’m John from New York city. Because I really like my 4-person hot tent and my titanium stove I bought in pomoly, I did some research on them. Note, some of the information I list below were directly asked from Ryker and Rockie in Pomoly. By...