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Is Pomoly A Real Company?

Who Am I?

I’m John from New York city. Because I really like my 4-person hot tent and my titanium stove I bought in pomoly, I did some research on them. Note, some of the information I list below were directly asked from Pomoly team. By the way, these friends are really great!

Here is some real information about Pomoly:

  • Pomoly is a hot tent website. The people who run this website are a young team. To be exact, they are a group of young guys.
  • Pomoly focuses on the development and promotion of hot tent related products, including hot tent, titanium stove, etc.
  • Pomoly recently wanted to build an ultralight hot tent line. I don’t know how long they will release super light products after I publish this article.
  • Pomoly now has many social media platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, blogs, etc.
  • Pomoly’s tent products are of good quality. The 300D Oxford cloth is their main material now. This material is very durable.
  • Pomoly has several YouTube celebrities that often work together. Their products are highly recommended by these influencers.
  • Pomoly has an Amazon store. Their store seems to have just been registered recently. Now their products are cheaper on Amazon than on the official website.
  • Pomoly’s products are recognized by the Japanese market. So pomoly’s first subsite is the Japan shop. At present, many customers in Japan like their titanium stoves very much.
  • Pomoly’s customer service is very friendly. As long as they are not sleeping, they will be happy to communicate with us.
  • Pomoly has a Facebook team. Many people who buy their products share photos and videos in their groups.
  • Pomoly will consider opening an offline store in the United States in the future. It is mainly used to repair products that have been used for a long time and provide after-sale service.


Pomoly is a real company. They have this website Pomoly Wilderness Equipment and some social media platforms.

Hope this can helps. Best regards!

Pomoly official website

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