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Pomoly Stove TIMBER Titanium Wood Stove Field Test

Video author: Brant & Garvey

Hot tenting season will be here before we know it! This season, I decided to upgrade from my homemade ammo can stove to the Pomoly Timber woodstove.

Specs for the Timber tent stove:…

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Hot Tent Comments:

Clever wedge technique, I had not seen that one before. That is a super cool stove, I like it. Great campsite and informative video. ( – KrizAkoni from Youtube )

Really nice video – I hadn’t heard of this stove and went with the winnerwell because I didn’t want to lose any screws in the snow or have to fiddle with them at all with cold hands and gloves. The lack of warping on the stove top as well as the glass might have been enough to sway me. Thanks for introducing me to other options in case I ever decide to switch it up! ( – Pitstop Pirates from Youtube )

Congratulations, it’s always nice to be happy with money well spent. I’ve seen their products on other channels and it seems like a quality purchase. The collapsible style stove suits hikers and anyone who has transportation as an important variable. The glass will put a warm glow in a dark tent, a feature I will want in the future. Can’t wait to see you use it, can’t stop thinking about snow. ?❤️??❄️☃️?⛺️ ( – Mobile Winter Camp from Youtube )

I like the glass side. I think watching a fire is an instinctual comfort for us. Looking forward to some frosty adventures. Thanks,B&G! ( – Keith Carper from Youtube )

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