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Winter Camping In A Hot Tent Camping With Friends!

Winter camping and hot tents are like two peas in a pod. They just have to go together, ha ha. I joined some old friends and new friends for an overnight winter backpacking trip with my Luxe Hiking Gear Twinpeak Hot Tent.

your stuff looks amazingly light..i was blown away by your little woodstove send me a link where i can buy one and that tent was awesome send link please. I have trecked with 75 lbs for 2 hours on my back and it wasnt fun …your stance looked upright…i guess maximum 47 lbs. thanks for the vid thumbs up

 Michael M. Apostol 

Hot tenting FTW!!! Absolutely nothing like the sight of smoke rising from a stovepipe, from a tent with the soft glow of light coming from within, amongst a snowy landscape, on a frigid, still, moonlit night!

Element of Kindness

AWESOME camp!!! THIS is my bucketlist camping ToDo!!! Winter Camping!!! Not even going to attempt to guess weight! Merry Christmas!!

Native Tearz

Nice to see you enjoying yourself so much, and breathing in that awesome fresh air

ko jak

That is a beautiful location. We’re on the Wasatch front as well. Are you willing to share where you went because that is amazing.

Roger Larsen

Nice video, I ‘m too late for guessing the weight of your pack but I’m interested in this ” hot tent”. What is the effect of having a wood stove inside regarding to the condensation ? Is there more condensation, less ? Adrien

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