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Driving a bike alone and taking a hot tent to camp

It’s late December, Christmas is over, the urge to head to the woods is strong, so I decide to pack up my bike and ride down part of the ancient ‘Icknield Way’ long distance trail. After several miles of gravel, thick mud and rutted, sandy tracks I arrive at a secluded woodland and set up camp. My shelter of choice this time being an ultralight hot tent and titanium wood stove. The camp chores of setting up, collecting and processing firewood and lighting the stove done, I settle down to enjoy some well earned dinner, a couple of quality craft beers (thank you Bob!!) and soak up the sounds of the woodland nightlife all cozy and comfy in my heated home from home. Morning brings the delightful sounds of the dawn chorus, a stunning sunrise, coffee and a breakfast of bacon and bannock before packing everything away to ride the 25 miles home. It was a very pleasant night out – just what was needed to blow the cobwebs away and burn off some of that turkey and chocolate! Thanks for joining me and Happy New Year!

Wonderful comments

the thing I am most impressed with is how fast that stove fired up, since the flame is completely enclosed. I’m surprised you didn’t use it again the next morning–taking it down from full burn could be sped up by using a poop trowel to scoop embers on to a breakfast plate with some water in it. also, since the a key advantage of these stoves is they give you the ability to dry stuff out in the tent, it makes down more practical.

R elias

Small group of us sitting here watching this video again, a couple of friends have asked about the stove I know it’s from seekoutside but there is very few uk videos on the stove, maybe could you do a short video on it stuff like choice price duties paid how long it takes to get to the uk? Would really appreciate it as 3 of us are looking to place an order for them shortly.

mike lawrence

What’s astonishing to me is that you make all this effort for just an overnight camping trip. If I set all that up as meticulously as you do, I’m staying for a week in those beautiful woods! Lol! Good job — love your videos!

Diamond TBar

I have been watching camping , gear and survival vids for about 3-4 years solid and have never come across you channel till last night — excellent !! subbed

Stay Sharp

Love the “pouch spoon”!!! lol As to the St ve. When in the dark you can see fire seams. beware of monoxide. That stove leaks to much .

al bugnfront

Loved your video. I totally understand the urge to get out in the woods. I spend a lot of time during three seasons exploring the wilds of Northern Ontario in my sea kayak. I like that you are able to fit a hot tent on a bicycle – didn’t think that would be possible. That’s a lot of work to go to for only one night out. I usually camp for at least three nights because of all the packing & travelling involved. Look forward to watching the rest of your videos!

Tony Aitken

Awesome video Simon! I’ve looked into those stoves, they are really nice and the way the stove pipe rolls up is just brilliant. Looks like you had a very nice trip with most of the comforts of home..Bed, chair, beer and warm stove. All you needed was a good book! Well Sir I hope you had a very Happy New Year celebration! I am looking forward to more of your videos this year! ATB

Rod Bennett aka kampzite

Another great vid! Question – you commented on the “wingnuts” getting in the way of your pan – is it possible to assemble the stove with those on the bottom so they stay out of the way? Noticed the “other end” seemed pretty flat. Thanks again and I/we hope to get back to the UK for a visit (if we ever can!) again soon. Be well!


This has been a real eye opener to how things have come on with light weight camping gear. I was an avid cycle tourer 20 odd years ago, I cycled all over England, Ireland and France. I cant believe how much you were able to pack into those few bags. I barely managed with 4 paniers, a bar bag and the tent and sleeping roll strapped to the rear carrier. It was a lot of bulk for one person. With 2 it was a lot more manageable as you could split the tent and cooking gear. We had good stuff, but there was a lot less choice in real lightweight gear. Thermarest Sleeping pads were still big and bulky back then, about the size of my tent roll and still only gave you about an inch of padding. My Terra Nova Voyager was a great tent at the time but weighed in at over 2Kg – the same model is about half that now I believe. For cooking There were things like Peak stoves and MSR, but I always loved my Trangia… and is still going strong 30 years on – but it was like carrying a brick.

Peter Sobocki

Happy new year Simon and another fantastic video. I’m working towards getting my own hot tent set up. I love the idea of being cosy with a wood burner inside, during the winter months. The intro was incredible and I can’t imagine the vast amount of time you put in to make this video. Fair play!! And thank you.

A Woodland Wander

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