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First TimeWinter Backpacking With A Hot Tent

Winter camping in a hot tent seems like the only way I will ever go backpacking in the winter anymore. We had a great time just having great conversation, processing wood, and geeking out over how cozy and awesome being in the hot tent was.

I was out in mine a couple of weeks ago, it was -20 C outside and at one point I had it almost 25 C inside, I love winter camping in the hot tent. Nice stove, what kind is it? I like the window in the door. Couple ideas, 1 – Take a buck saw to make wood prossesing easier. 2 – Nalgene bottles for water, you can put boiling water in them, smart water bottles melt. 3 – Tarp, ground will thaw, especially after a couple of days. Put the stove up on a couple squared peices of wood or a fiberglass fire blanket to protect the tarp

Ross Tapp

I’m new in hiking. I just did my first solo backpacking trip section on AT. I am going to see my Mom in 3 weeks, she lives in South Dakota near black hills. I really want to winter camp like this. I need to learn as much as I can before I get there.

Outdoorsy Wanna be

I watch your hiking videos and I see comments from other channels I watch too(The Best Backpacker, Andy Schill and such). So nice to see you hit tent, though I’m late. I’m gearing up with videos fir this upcoming season. I have a snowmobile house in Maine and I hot tent. So nice with the right gear. The beauty of the snowy landscape, the quiet, the solitude. Nobody out there in winter on the east coast, no escape the rest of the year. I hope you get more into it

Lord Marshall

Just a suggestion but if you are going to cut up a lot of wood for actove a bow saw would be a better option as it is easier to cut wood more efficently then with a Silky saw or the like. Also just a poly poly tarp is good as it is cheap and you dont feel bad cutting a stive hole in it. Cheers.

Adventures with Frodo

Nice opening with some clean editing and timed to the music. I had a trip where it got to the point I wished I didn’t have toes. Ended up buying some Cabela Inferno (I think that’s what they’re called) and have never looked back. I’ve head them for years and they have been absolutely great.


Hell ya man. Fellow utah camper here. I also rock the Hillsound gaiters. I also have freezing piggies. I think I am going to go with some of those muk luk camukextreme with extra felt liners. Also sweet sweet axe. I got that guys big brother. You ever look at getting a big knife or that schrade froe to split wood? Save you a bit of weight too. KEEP ON ROCKING MAN!! Great great trip. I like your style.

ledge journeyman

Packable wood burning stoves like that made for select tents are amazing in any form and this setup looks particularly awesome. Also makes me more excited to get the snowshoes and spikes out.


The hot tent may have been a little small for two, but it must have felt good having a wood fire. The winter views up in the mountains is beautiful! We have very little snow on the ground in my area and plenty of cold. Closer to Lake Superior some areas have had record amounts of lake effect snow. I’ll see if I can find a picture to send you on facebook in the Marquette area.


Dang that Korbin guy sure is sexy. Loved your intro! Korbin hasn’t stopped raving about what you made for dinner. 🙂 Can’t wait for this weekend! You’re the coolest.

Melody Johnson

I have discovered that extra dry socks, as in several pair, are an absolute necessity in cold weather camping. Period! Looked like a nice mini adventure!! Thanks for taking us along!! ~Kitty

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