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Wildcamping Scotland – Bushcraft Cooking in Pomoly teepee hot tent

Out in the wild for an overnight camp and some bushcraft cooking. Perfect weather, great location, priceless????

Great video Colin ,was out myself and tested out a few things the past couple of days ,keep up the good work ,all the very best


Another great video colin nice wee camp great food and a few ciders great to see bugsy again I think Stuart should just escape and join you next time ?????

Duane 5836

We’ll watch tonight. Not long back and showered from camp. We were going to one of our very, under a mile away spots but funnily enough alot of non locals seem to be around our area ? so we thought bugger it and went to one of our favourite spots too. Both of us not working just now, stuck to the rules like yourself and only garden camped and walked and cycled locally, but what swung it fir us was the amount of people already out “camping”. Some families, some that just leave all their shite lying, already had fuel, prepared the food at home before we left, seen no one and had a great time. When we arrived bins were already full and bags beside them with broken chairs, tents,cans and bottles. Hardly a weary hiker. Will be putting a wee video up too since we also followed guidelines, which some don’t seem to understand, isn’t the law. If it was law we wouldn’t go, hope you caught fish at least ?⛺?

Out and about in Scotland

Yes gentlemen, that fire sure gets the seal of approval Densum Ranger, like the petromax oven very nice, wine by the fire outdoors brilliant, time to get back out camping so catch up soon, nice to see Wullie join yous, nicely filmed Colin atb Derek

Densum Ranger
Pomoly official website

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