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Titanium Wood Stove For Winter Camping

New and Exclusive look at this awsome titanium tent stove from POMOLY for hot tent camping . This stove is a great addition to add to your camping gear as it works as a wood stove for heating a shelter and as a bbq box for cooking outdoors.

I will have more information and videos as I use it more and become more familiar with it. So far I love it and I hope you guys enjoy the sneak peek. Huge thank you to POMOLY.

Video Reviews

Pomoly Wilderness Equipment

Thank you so much ❤️?Jeremy for your suggestions and review, without your effort we can’t constantly improving this titanium stove. the last vision stove will be much better?. Thanks again ☺️☺️

Pacific Solo

I can’t wait to see you use it in action inside the tent. I felt the nervous feeling you had when it’s only a clamp keeping the pipe up, maybe for further improvement on the product they should have more clamps or something that’s sturdier support for the pipe. As always, thanks for the review!

Billy Harper

Thank you and Pomoly for the product and review. I pre-ordered this stove and can’t wait until it arrives. I received notice from Pomoly that it shipped yesterday. I have had problems stabilizing chimneys in the past. At first I used a tripod system that worked quite well, but was very clumsy to transport. After a while the old “light- bulb” went off and I have now found an easier and cheap stabilization system.
I simply put a waterhose clamp on the end of the stove pipe and thread three paper binder clips on the hoseclamp. When tightened they will not move giving you three tie off points. The paper binder clips extends the tie-outs far enough that heat from the chimney will not melt para-cord. One can make a spark arrestor by making an envelope out of hardware cloth. Hope this will be of use to you and your followers.
Keep up the good work, stay safe, and I can’t wait for for the real review when you test in sub-zero weather.

Greg Malone

Sweet stove from Pomoly (and from you as design consultant)! I totally dig the option to put a grill on top instead of the solid top… lots of use inside and outside the tent. Perhaps a titanium version of that grill should be made available as a separate purchase. Also loved the integrated flue/damper, and I think the long side glass panel is brilliant. Glad to see the bugs settle down finally — was rough at first! 🙂 Like all of us, eager to see the weight specs. But from a functional standpoint — wowee zowie!

Jenny Hackworth

Hey lone wolf 902, I just bought the perspective stove from Pomoly! ? I’m giving them the heads up on how kind you are in mentioning how great they are and how well you promoted their products! ??

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