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The purpose and definition of a tent is “shelter”. A wall tent not only provides great shelter, it also provides warmth and a place to cook with a wood stove. It’s like a portable tiny house that can be setup anywhere and used in the coldest of climates. It’s also the best tent because unlike traditional tents you don’t have to hunch over and crawl around on the ground. When your inside a wall tent it’s like being inside a small cabin. You can stand up straight. You have an area to sleep, sit and cook. Wall Tents are the BEST! Come along with us on our wall tent adventure!

Wonderful comments

I think the best tent in the world is the one I used with my father when I was a kid. It’s awesome. It contains too many memories. Thanks to pomoly for letting me have such a durable tent.


You shouldn’t have publicly announced that you would be passing the tent on to your children. I made that mistake years ago by telling my kids they could have my bass boat when I’m gone and every time I coughed or sneezed they would sign a do not resuscitate order.

pocono49 murphy

A rake is handy to clear the snow away to bare ground and remove sticks or stones. After the tarp is put down, indoor outdoor carpeting works well for some insulation and a homey feel inside. It can be swept and washed as necessary. It can be cut in packable section and rolled if one piece is too big. A couple inches overlap is desirable and then duct tape them down. Even scraps will work.The tarp should be kept under the tent and not extend out to keep rain from seeping under. Large logs, if available around the walls and end of the tent act as a windbreak and can be tied to the walls to hold them down in wind. If sparks are a problem landing on the tent, a piece of sheet aluminum is lightweight and can be tied down on the roof or half the roof over the stove. Sheds snow too. A fireproof welders blanket can be put under the stove or a piece of sheet metal or even plywood. Spring steel paper clips in various sizes work to hang clothes to dry or hold blue tarps together if you wish to make an addition for washing up or using a propane stove. Get a folding saw to cut wood instead of that worthless hatchet. A pack ax is handy. Happy camping. If you can find used wooden folding auditorium chairs that stack, they are great for camping.收起


Wow. My dad told everybody I wasn’t his and still does. I’m 49. When I see dad’s with daughters I’m always reminded of what I’ve missed out on because of my parents choices. Something a person never fully gets over only copes with. I’m not sure I’ll ever totally ‘move on’. How do you? You’re a good dad.❤️

She Wolf

’m so happy to see you spending quality time with Katie. There are so many children these days who because of cell phones and technology that don’t have much interaction with their parents. What you are doing is parenting. Great job. Thanks for the awesome video.

Dwayne Cain

Looks like you have a “ridge angle” in the middle of the wall on the stove side instead of a “wall angle” which is what’s making that leg stick into the tent. You might want to pick up the floor for the tent if you didn’t get one. They’re quite nice.


The tent is cool but honestly my favorite part is you setting up the tent and spending time with your daughter. I grew up tent camping with my dad and he let me help with everything. My dad taught me how to camp. And now as a woman in my 30’s I’m getting to do the same with my little boy he’s 5. My mom and dad raised me in the outdoors and I hope my little one has as great memories as I do when he grows his own family. Anyway got off subject. The tent is awesome and the stove is a bonus. Nice investment.

BootsOnThe Ground

When you build your tent platform, enclose the bottom to keep out critters. Scraps of texture 111 or other plywood can be used or even fire resistant homesote. It will also keep your floor warmer by keeping out wind. Use scraps of treated wood to level the platform. You can use plastic to enclose but you may need to put it on each time. Chunks of wood or stone can hold it down. Treated plywood will last longer than untreated if you plan to leave it exposed.


now first off, great video! But I have to disagree with you on the statement of this being the best tent in the world. When I look at a tent, I not only see a shelter, but I also want mobility. Meaning that I want to be able to quickly set up camp and take it down when needed. The packsize is also an issue. Logging this behemoth around, even while car camping would be an issue. But speaking for warmth from the stove, the headroom and space, then you got all your boxes ticked. Especially for warmth, being from Iceland, I place a premium on that. If I might ask, how well does this tent stand up to high force winds….


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