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Solo Hot Tent Camping

This adventure takes me to a back country secluded lake location. One last hot tent trip of the season before summer gets here is my mission. I set up my hot tent just above the lake waters edge with a stunning view. I am blessed with a beautiful sunset and sounds of loons on the lake all evening and in the morning.

Camp cooking with some new gear and my wood stove was awsome and some great coffee and craft brews too. I hope you enjoy this wildcamping solo overnighter and thank you for following along with me.

There will be much more exploration this summer on the channel as I mark alot of locations off of my list to discover so I hope you all can follow along and enjoy the camping experience.

I’m constantly picking up people’s garbage in the bush whenever I go out. I don’t understand how people can be so ignorant and disrespectful. Great video!

Biting Goat

Very beautiful area Jeremy. Glad to see you using the Iron Wall tent again. I wanted to test mine out this weekend, we have a freeze warning tonight. Going to get down to 28 degrees Fahrenheit tonight. Like I mentioned to you earlier. I just got my Iron Wall tent earlier this week. I ordered the tent and One Tigris stove jack at the same time. The stove jack is estimated to arrive in early June! I wanted to put my ammo can stove in the tent and test everything out in the backyard since we’re still in lockdown here in Michigan. I love hearing Loons and Owl’s also, haven’t heard Loons in a long time. I also like in the Fall, hearing the Coyotes howling in the distance while I’m sitting by the campfire.

Jeff Richards

Beautiful spot. I’m guessing you were on Crown land ? We are so lucky in Canada to have so much Crown land that we can enjoy. Hopefully it remains that way for our children too. Thanks for sharing. Take care and stay safe.


Just to let you know I got my tent backwoods bungalow and sleep in it last night in the rain I LOVE IT a lot of room and nice and dry will be in it a lot thanks again !!!!!!!!!!!

scott rodman

I will watch this video carefully tomorrow ??

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