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Solo Camping for Four Days, Improvised Shower and Cooking


The adventure begins by filling the tanks with spring water, driving the 4×4 vehicle on a dirt road through forests, crossing rivers, overcoming an obstacle from a fallen tree and reaching an off road place where I set up my camp. It threw a strong storm but unfortunately I did not have a rain cover for the camera and because the storm was intense and strong I did not film it. I cut and processed wet wood and made a fire to dry and cook. The next day I made a bushcraft adjustable easy chair where I enjoyed my meal and the wonderful view from the opposite mountains, the sky, the clouds, and the beautiful colors of the sunset. On the third day I set up the improvised washing system and bathed in nature, relaxed in the hammock and enjoyed a nice meal. On the fourth day I prepared a nice drink from fir and cedar leaves, prepared my equipment and started the journey to another place. I hope you enjoying it. Thank you!


As always, a very nice movie. I envy the grounds and all these views. It’s a pity it’s so far away from me … I really like the formula of your films, without unnecessary talk, without praising the equipment or unnecessary reviews that are abundant on the web. I am looking forward to winter camping. Good luck and always so beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Greetings from Poland. ( – michał maślak from Youtube )

Exceptional video, beautiful country. I never really paid attention to the sound before, but it’s so good you could almost enjoy the video with your eyes closed. 10/10. ( – Nick Marshall from Youtube )

Wow! What an amazing spot. Really beautiful. That little wood burning stove that you can use with a trangia is really handy. Your cup, plate and spoon are really well made. I’m assuming you made them yourself? ( – Christina Bourke from Youtube )

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