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Solo Bushcraft Overnighter In A Hot Tent And Cooking Steak Over Fire

Solo bushcraft overnighter in a hot tent in a great location. this video I enjoy cooking steak over the campfire, fishing for yellow perch and enjoying the warmth from inside of my hot tent with my pomoly titanium stove.

A great relaxing evening and sunny morning with hot coffee and the birds signing. I hope you enjoy this solo camping overnighter and there is much more to come very soon. be sure to check out my gear testing and review playlist with reviews on these products.

Hey Jeremy, great camp out. Good to see the Iron Wall again. Can’t wait to use mine. It’s getting pretty warm over here. I’ll probably have to wait til Fall to use it. The steak looked great! Look forward to the next video.????

Jeff Richards

I hung a really good hammock and ridge line yesterday thanks to the knowledge I’ve learned watching your videos! Thank you friend! Hope my bug jacket helps because the bugs are crazy here in Florida! Have a nice day

Misha Yaros

I have seen a few episodes with you fishing with the plastic jig, next time after your cast let it sink to the bottom them slowly hop the jig off the bottom on your retrieve, that may give you some better luck and your vids are very informative and well done keep up the good work and stay safe.

Fred Hill

Perfect camping place beside the lake! Enjoyable camping??

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