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Our New Hot Tent Camping

Hi All! Sandra and I are back for some winter camping in our new Snowtrekker Crew canvas wall tent. We were really excited to try it out and we really hope that you enjoy the video!

Wonderful comments

Very good video, I want to go camping when I see this


. I’ve tripped in the middle of the forest by myself and jumped up and still looked around to see if anyone saw me. This was “Real” other videos are edited to much and make everything look to easy sometimes it’s not that easy camping but that makes more memorable have things happen

Pete l

Now, I can not resist to just greet you guys. I’ve been watching your video for may be 3 years already but I’m shy to give comments because English is not my mother tongue. To be honest while watching your video I got so envy how you enjoyed your winter camping. I can say no kind of weather can stop you. I hope to see more videos from you. I am living in middle Finland & we almost have the same climate. Our summer is very short & sometimes it’s even cold summer. ?. Please shout out my name Anita QP. Thank you & God bless & take care.

Anita QP

Great video !!! It was like being 5 years old on Christmas morning again ! ?? I’m happy for y’all !!! After you got it set up and were sitting in front of it… the smile on Mike’s face was priceless !!! I would have broken out some Ed Bassmaster sayings from his video “Look at this car”…. but changed car to tent. Look at this tent !!! Would you just look at it !!! Look at it ! Are you looking at it !! Just look at it !!! Lol ??? you’ll just have to see the video I guess. Sandra opened the tent pole bag like she was opening a present ? ??. Thanks for taking me along. I check YouTube several times a day every day to see if y’all have posted anything. I’ll admit it… I’m addicted. ????. I watch several different outdoor channels but y’all are number 1 in my book !!! I think it’s because ( might sound weird) I picture myself on the trips with you. Not everyone’s personality gets along with someone else , but you guys are my kinda people. We would have fun. Y’all could poke fun of me and vice versa and we would all still be smiling. On the other channels… we might end up wrestling ?‍♀️. Lol. I know… I said too much again. ?. See ya next time. God bless you.

Tennessee Mtn. Man

Beautiful tent and grrrreat wood stove! It looked so cozy in there! And a meat pie!! Mmmmmmm mmmmm! You two will have many a good time with your new digs! It was nice to see something fresh (as compared to your permanent shelter). Whenever Mike says “Butahhhhh” we have a shot! FYI…..anyway…keep em coming! Also…can I have a Shout Out?? Mike from Buffalo!


Very nice and funny video. Yeah, whoever has the damage, has the laughs on their side. Oh laugh, your wife has a better nose for the right path. With the good food, you may have put on too much weight, laugh too hard for the winter. Greetings to you two from Frankfurt

Gerold Knoebel

Hi Mike and Sandra , great choice on your new tent and the stove , spring is just around the corner and we will be back out on the water , very well done guys, Sandra your mom rocks with that meat pie… Enjoyed and cheers…

jim hanson

Was at a loose end and you guys turn up what could be better! Great new tent Mike. You guys are so lucky with your winters out there just stunning scenery. Paul in Dorset UK would love a shout when possible guys! That pie Mum made, made my mouth water Sandra! Another brilliant video guys!??

paul lawrence

I like escaping, tenting on weekends. Not into the cold though. Recently I discovered squaredrop campering, a plywood box on a trailer. There’s nothing worse than waking up in a rainstorm and getting flooded out.

Trucker Daddy – AKA John in Québec

Oh Sandra, you’re so coming out of your shell!! And March the 7th was my birthday. So glad you celebrated it in such fine fashion…lol Thank you for giving us the first glimpse into your Cadillac of hot tents,congrats! Stay safe ,God bless. Continued happiness in all your adventures

Michele Lewis

great tent indeed thanks for the shout out great choice not too big but big enough thanks to your mom for the meat pie that remind me of the meat pie my grand’ ma used to make great taste did not know that the meat pie came from Acadia many of my ancestors were from Acadia on my mom side French side one of my ancestor was a British military and his wife was French they met in Acadia her father was a pirate that did sank many British ships and her mom was strong will they end up what we call low Canada Quebec high Canada was name Ontario the Handfields were farmer business owner and lawyers Genealogy can be fascinating thanks for sharing your adventures


That is a really nice tent? Thanks so much for sharing your adventures. Although I’ve only commented a few times you guys always get my thumbs up? It was interesting to here you make the editing comment about your first vids. I am new to YouTubing and finding out so much! So this is an invitation to you guys to stop by and visit me! A shout out would help me immensely! But only if you like what you see? See you on the next one ?

Open Air Outdoors *LeRichebliss

Best design I’ve ever seen. Great video you 2 are like , 1 is a hand and the other a glove you work and fit together so well. Makes it easier and more when you can work together like you 2 do. Keep them coming and how about a shout out for jimbo in North Carolina ? And Far North Bushcraft and Survival did a piece on a tent and the best stove I’ve seen it even has baffles in it .

Jim Burns

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