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One Of The Best Hot Tent Camping Stove Combo’s

This is a review of the Bereg UP-2 tent and stove combo. It is in my opinion one of the best hot tent stove combo’s available for extreme cold. As a 20 year veteran of hot tent camping in the backwoods of Alaska, and having stayed in and been in many different heated tents using many different stoves during that time, I can say, based on my experience that this is one of the best extreme weather tent stove combos available.

I have this stove and tent and I assure it it’s just as amazing as he says. Russians know winter technology.

Schadenfreude 88

Yup , best day tent around. Beats a wall tent anyday ? I bought mine when I first saw Survival Russia set it up at his homestead. I have the Up-2 tent with 2 large cots , insulated floor and stove. All shipped door to door for $1500 from Siberia Russia. Its 11.5 feet across at bottom. Can’t say enough about this 2 liner tent. Comes with so much on the inside. Love it , Love it , Love it ????? can be used as a sauna too ?

Bryan R.

i was waiting for an honest man like you to evaluate this tent. other than Lars, reviews on this “awesome” tent are scarce in english. thank you very much!


That is one heck of a tent Lonnie! A tent inside a tent ! Air is the best insulator! That thing is made to stay somewhere a while. What a great base camp that would be. The window is a nice touch! I gotta say, for a guy that doesn’t like to do reviews, you sure are good at it. With a beautiful stove to go with it! The window on the stove is awesome! Thanks for the review . -Justin

It’s Good in the Woods

Lonnie I live in Eastern Canada and we get down to -35C easily in winter. I am glad that Bereg sent you the tent as I know you will love it. Excellent review and I agree with you. For the price this tent will outperform most others in its class and I think will or should last many, many years. It is one beautifully engineered and very warm tent for the most harsh conditions or for a nice summer camp out. the stove is incredible. thanks for the very honest review.. I was able to see a lot of features I had not seen in other reviews. Keep your eyes on the horizon and watch where ya step. best regards from New Brunswick Canada!!

Lavender Rush

Good to see Connie, too! Nice review, sir … I can see why you were happy to do it. Very nice 4 season shelter system and reasonably priced. Now that I have my tent stove, this seems to be a good option. Thanks to you both for another great video! God Bless

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