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How to heat a hot tent camping in winter

Windchill temperatures dropped to -30 Celsius. Making heat in the hot tent is a priority when dealing with these extreme temperatures. Here is a different perspective from my point of view on some of the usual routines involved with maintaining an effective Winter-camp. This is something I have to do every 3 to 4 days to ensure we have enough wood to burn. Luckily I had a few trees that fell down due to bad weather and wind storms that I was able to cut behind my canvas tent. Deep snow makes it challenging to cut firewood in the Forest. Hard work pays off it is very rewarding at the end of a laborious day.

Wonderful comments

Like the videos! New sub. Like the gas can too, but I’d probably put the bar oil in the saw’s gas tank. ? Is that your land or Crown Land, as you our good neighbors to the north call it? Stay safe and stop sending us your cold weather. ? Time for warmth!!!

Greg Michaud

Y’know, it’s really nice, what with all the craziness happening everywhere, that I can transport myself from sunny locked down England to snowy woodlands in Canadia and just be there for 15 minutes. This is such a nice thing to have, and I for one really appreciate you guys making and posting these vids. Please keep it up. Thank you!

Voodoo Sausage

If it was me I’d try to gather and split most of my wood when I set up camp . I’d also fill my chainsaw with oil and fuel at home before coming out to camp .

Henry Rodgers

Just a suggestion. I love the tent, but just hate that it doesn’t have some floor covering. Wouldn’t it be worth the $50 to go to Home Depo, Ikea, or WalMart and just buy a rolled up waterproof carpet and lay it down in the tent. Wouldn’t that make things so much nicer? I mean, even on my deck I have a couple outdoor carpets that I through down under the lounging set. Each carpet is a really good size, I’m sure would cover your tent floor, and was really cheap and water proof. With a carpet like this put down, you could put your bags down and not worry about the dirt, even put on a warm pair of thick slippers instead of those dirty heavy boots. I’m sure it would be more comfortable, clean, and a place you can better relax instead of eating on a dirt floor, I’m sure you companion will enjoy more also. I love the idea of winter camping, but the trick is to be a snug as a bug when your hunkered down in the tent.


I need one of those gas/oil cans. I’ve never seen one before. Awesome thumbnail too.

jay legere

Very enjoyable video thank you. It looked reallly cold lol. A lot of work for sure. Be safe and careful.

jimmy graham

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