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Hot Tent Wild Camping, Waterliliy Turbine, Onetigris Iron Wall

Join me on this adventure as I spend the night in a new onetigris hot tent next to a mountain creek and enjoy some great camp cooking and amazing sights. I also take some time to show you the waterliliy turbine that I use for charging my devices while out in the wilderness.

This camping trip was relaxing with the sounds of running water just outside of my tent and the sounds of the wood stove crackling into the night. I hope you enjoy my adventure. Any questions about gear used in this video please add in the comment section, thank you.

That was cool. I was wondering about what pine would do in a stove. That water turbine is a very promising prospect. Thanks.


You have a real knack for this bud. Hot tent is my dream winter setup. Yours looks sweet. ??

Epic One

Hey Jeremy. I think I like the Iron Wall a bit more than the other tent. Looked like a great night out. Thanks for sharing

Mark Young

Hello my friend from Moose Jaw You r awesome to try this water lily. I do this too so much I can I work with solar power and I love it. You get better and better in your videos. I love it because you r simple and like one off us nothing fake please keep it that way. Good job my respect. There is only one thing you could help me with try a german beer sometime please lol . One question is there no fish in that river where u hat that water lily in ? Ok good love your video you r a good man. Stay healthy with your family bye bye

Blue Sky

I knew you might have been Canadian the first time I saw st ambrosia oatmeal stout good beer. I’m watching your videos more than other outdoor videos. Keep it up I do enjoy living vicariously when I can’t get outside.

UncleB B
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