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Hot Tent Stove – Pomoly T1 Titanium Wood Stove

The all new T1 titanium tent stove from POMOLY has arrived everyone. I am very happy with the overall performance of this high quality hot tent wood stove.

This is version #2 from POMOLY for titanium tent stoves and the improvements they have put into this stove makes it very reliable and durable for hiking and wild camping. Much more videos to come in the future with both titanium woodstove versions so stay tuned everyone.

Great to see you getting that young lady out into the field (even when it’s the park or yard) with you. You can never start too early teaching kids a love and respect for nature. I dig the upgrades on the stove, too. I liked the first one, but this one is even better. You and the mini have a great week coming up and take care.

Grumpy Grunt

Great to see you and cute little brooke. She’s so well disciplined and attentive with her dad. Awesome backyard, looks ready to plant something in there. That stove is gonna be perfect for winter camping. Love the video.

Chazown Adventure

I’ve got pomoly’s 2-4 man tepee and their 4-6 man. I’m trying to figure out the best way to bring in fresh air into the 6 man as it does not have A vent like the 4 man. The two issues I have with opening the top is its not really practical to open it in bad weather and I don’t know if opening it will draw air into the tent. I know it will vent the tent but I don’t know about it bringing in fresh air. I spoke with the guys at pomoly and I may have to crack open a door a little bit to get some ventilation. My concern is carbon monoxide but also without the proper fresh air the stove will have an issue drawing properly. I’m thinking I’ll crack open the top in good weather and unzip the door a little in bad weather. The top can be adjusted as to how much you open it. Besides all that the shealters are AMAZING for the price and the 6 man is the perfect size for me. The materials and craftsmanship are very, very good for this price point hands down. I can tell you that their customer service is really good too! Rockey and Ryker were both great to deal with. I run a winnerwell woodlander medium in the 2-4 man and it’s been a really nice setup all under $600. Can’t beat itShow less


They are making some really great gear. I would not worry about the air quality , it’s just too big of air oxygen rich environment to run low due to the stove, remember if there is no air not only you cant breathe but neither can the stove. Its perfectly safe . As for the vent I have passed this on to the guys and I’m sure it will be added.

Lonewolf 902

Really enjoy the time you spent with your Brook. It looks so sweet! ❤

POMOLY – Wilderness Equipments

Nice stove Jeremy, I think I like it better than the 1st version. Something to save up for though, they are expensive. I think the last time I checked the Pomoly website, the stove cost as much as the Hex tent or more. Have to put them on my wish list. That’s cool that Brook seems to enjoy the outdoors and you’re teaching her about all the good stuff.

Jeff Richards
Pomoly official website

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