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Hot Tent Solo Adventure

Join me on this autumn solo overnighter in my hot tent next to a beautiful creek. Camp cooking in this video as usual and some great scenery to enjoy the time spent in the wilderness. I also give an in depth look at my camp kitchen knife and a few suggestions for you all. I hope you enjoy the fall colors in this video as well as the sounds of nature.

Thanks for sharing this Awesome video my Friend. The running water and scenery was fantastic, Hope you get better, and as always ATVB to You and Your Family!

Fyrst Waffen Audemus Jura Nostra Defendere

Hope your ankle is doing better pal. Great wild camp and like you say you don’t have to go hiking for miles to get a camp in if you can’t physically do it. Love that chair, perfect height for tents like these and that egg idea of carrying them already cracked, never thought of that ?. Another very enjoyable hot tent camp, thanks LoneWolf for sharing, Ant.

Survive The Night

I just re-watched this video and enjoyed it again. I also agreed with your knife review and it brought the idea of what is really necessary for a person to carry back. Years ago I bought an Old Hickory butcher knife more than likely because it was then touted, “as Old Hickory Butcher knife best $13 00 Knife money can buy”. Well, of course, you can do tons of mods to a budget knife without fear of ruining the $300 plus investment of your heirloom knife. The number of YouTube videos with DIY instructions for turning this knife into what your imagination sees is awe-inspiring. What I’m getting at is your summation that if you see that knife at your local store buy it was great. I like 10’s of thousands of others don’t baton my knives I have axes and tomahawks for that sort of thing, I can’t gut, skin, prepare or eat my meal with the knives do have that are good at wood prep with any sort of ease. I honestly don’t see half of the knives on Prepared Mind 101 as anything other than axe replacement choppers or completely out of the realm of budget knives. In my youth, everyone wanted a Buck 110 folder and most had some sort of Buck belt knife or Schrade Old Timer Woodsman or a knock off, all in 440/420 stainless. I have the very first Buck 110 I bought and it’s more than 50 yrs old. Like new by the way. Also, use a Frontier folder I found in its sheath pouch attached to a belt hanging from a low limb under a giant spruce tree in the Bow Crow forest of Alberta at least 40 yrs ago. There is no easy way to count the hunting/camping adventures that knife has been on. You are so right if you see one buy it. Great advice.

A J Taylor

Nice camp spot and like the OneTigris gear use it myself and it’s always never been a disappointment after years of use. Good video with food presentation not arrogance like so many other outdoor youtube channels found you in the stovealcoholics forum. Good lunch with your channel.

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