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Hot Tent Review Video – POMOLY HEX Hot Tent

Pomoly Hot Tent Review


Have a look at this new tent and woodstove combo from Pomoly. This tent is very durable and can be set up in a few different configurations with available accessories offered by Pomoly. A woodstove that burns clean and hot really makes this tent a great option for any winter outdoorsman/woman. I hope this gear review helps you in some way so you can enjoy winter camping with some comforts of being warm all night and chase those adventures. stay tuned for future stove review after testing has full been completed.

Hot tent camping gears:

Tent: POMOLY HEX hot tent

Tent stove: POMOLY wood stove

Comments ( from Youtube):

That’s a very nice looking tent I like the setup. Your channel has come a long way in a short time ,I assume you’re getting a lot of equipment to test from company’s because of your attention to detail and honest opinions,such as the stove top leaking, keep up the good work ,always entertaining. ( – Pacediver )

I don’t like reviews in common, but you did it so well, I’m fascinated.
( – kapegede )

Good versatile shelter. Liking all the pitch options. Peace.

This is a great hot tent option ! Very reasonable price on that thing ! I love the inner reflective material ! That’s exactly why I chose the tarp I did for my homemade build ! What a great base camp , car camping set up ! Awesome man !
( – It’s Good in the Woods )

Roberto Santos Thoroughly enjoyed your review,you took the time to break it down even things others would overlook,good looking out for your boy regarding the possibility of smoke creeping through the top,keep up the good job dad. Your boy will remember these times…they are fleeting…I’m also seriously looking at this tent and stove,I thank you…God bless..
( – Roberto Santos )

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