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Hot Tent Overnighter

Join me as I head out into the forest for a solo hot tent overnighter during this early fall season. I give the onetigris smokey hut a test as well as my diy ammo can stove. This trip was a learning experience for myself and I hope you all enjoy the video. don’t forget to check my Instagram for bonus clips and photos of all my camping adventures.

I doubt it would work on a double coated tarp, but I have seen someone spray/soak their ground sheet with Permethrin. You can also make a 5$ stove jack from a high temp silicone baking sheet. Nice video, looking forward to more. ?

JScott 805

Many thanks for your vid! I’ve the same tent like you and the Outbacker Firebox as stove. I had the stove already before I bought the tent, but not testet it yet with the tent. At last fall came and it’s getting cold outside and I’m keen on my next trip. You mentioned the light weight and showed also the small packing size. But you forgot to mention the valuable price! I already had made myself a cover for the flue opening out of a small welding mat. On the mat I put adhesive velcro and I cut an oval hole in it. The hole has the width of the flue and is about 40 % longer due to the angle of the tent. Fits like a glove. You mentioned that a ground sheet is only a tarp on the floor. After using a tarp like that it’s more usable as a colander. ? I’m using the Elefantenhaut (elephant skin). That’s a rubber-like ground sheet from the German Bundeswehr (army) and it’s very durable. Folded it’s a comfy seat pad and unfolded it’s 150 x 200 cm in size and weights 400 g – maybe too heavy for backpacking, but perfect for my bicycle trailer. Greetings from cold an rainy Germany!

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