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Hot Tent Camping Safe Tips With Wood Stove, Dangerous Behavior

What is Hot Tent Camping?

For people who like camping activities, tents are absolutely indispensable. Today’s tents have been greatly improved, such as a hot tenting, which is a functional tent with fireproof wood stove jack.Now, hot tents are more and more popular. The brands that often appear in the market are Pomoly, Luxe, Seekoutside, etc.

Pomoly Hot tent

Modern tent fabrics can be made of various materials like Polyester, Nylon, Canvas or Cotton, Poly-Cotton, and DCF (formerly known as Cuben Fiber). The flammability of tents made of different materials is different.We have heard that someone had an accident while camping in a hot tent. But don’t worry,For passionate adventurers, the safety of using a tent with stove has become a concern. So is it really safe for campers? The answer is yes, it’s safe, but the premise is to do the following.

Hot tent with stove Tips:

  • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Reduce the risk of Mars
  • Prevent the stovepipes from burning the tent cloth
  • Do not go camping where there are bears

1. Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Campers should pay attention to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning when using tents with stoves, especially when burning wood stoves during the night. Carbon monoxide, a toxic gas, is produced when the wood is not burned enough. If carbon monoxide enters the human body, the body will have headaches, fatigue, and other symptoms, and even lose life in serious cases.

Therefore, for the sake of safety, we need to do a good job of ventilation when using wood stoves in tents. This can not only reduce carbon monoxide poisoning but also ensure the air circulation in the hot tent. Good ventilation enables you to feel cool and comfortable instead of sultry and dizzy when you get up early.

2. Reduce the risk of Mars.

When you open the wood stove door to add wood, there will be sparks flying out, which may ignite the nearby wood or hot tent. To reduce this risk and ensure safety, combustible objects such as wood should be kept away from the tent stove. It’s best to keep the camping tent stove close to the center to avoid sparks splashing on the hot tent fabric.

3. Prevent the stovepipes from burning the hot tent cloth.

When the tent stove and stovepipes are not installed stably and correctly, the high-temperature stovepipes will burn the hot tent cloth. Although the tent jack of the camping tent stove is fire-proof and burn-proof, the seam thread between the stove jack and the tent cloth is not. If the sewing thread is burnt, the tent jack may fall off, which may cause safety accidents.

So when using tents with stoves, we should learn to install the stove and pipes correctly. The tent stovepipe shall be placed in the center of the stove jack to avoid contact with any side. Campers should always remember safety first.

4. Do not go camping where there are bears.

Tents with stoves are warm and fun, but not safe enough, especially in the face of beasts like bears when cooking meals. For safety, please provide anti-bear spray. If you don’t want to get the bear’s attention, don’t make noise and don’t cook meals.

When encountering a bear face to face, keep calm, and don’t look at it, then retreat slowly. When attacked by bears, the final way for campers is to pretend to be dead. If the camper is strong enough and brave enough to fight the bear, remember that the eyes and nose are the weak points of them.

There are some conventional security issues.

For example, to prevent mosquito bites and snake attacks. Camping out needs to take into account various factors, a small and portable first aid kit is a very good necessity. Please always put safety first.

Stove tents provide a lot of experience and fun for people’s camping adventures, but there are still several above things to be paid attention to. But as long as the above points are well done, personal safety can be guaranteed. Enjoy the beauty of camping based on safe going out and safe going home!

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