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Hot Tent Camping – Escaping the Virus 2 Adventure

As the world goes into lockdown, the Lone Wolf is out for another adventure and this time, he’s in a HOT TENT!

Wonderful comments

Nothing pisses me off more than slobs trashing out everything. We used to have a beautiful primitive campground that had handmade rock fireplaces with grills, concrete and rock picnic tables, a rock surrounded spring (now choked with beer cans and bottles)…an awesome Federal park that sat perched on a crystal clear stream. It was destroyed back in the 70’s by some knuckle dragging morons. The park, historically significant, was hand built by the Civilian Conservation Corps post Depression. It is now closed with the road burmed to prevent wheeled traffic. You can walk in but you may as well camp at the local dump. Broken beer bottles, beer cans, paper and trash thrown about. Someone took it upon themselves to go in and clean the place up and put up a sign to Please Respect The Place…Carry Out Your Litter. They shot the sign to hell and continue to litter. Sickening. You can imagine what their houses must look like. It seems to be a cultural thing ….you can drive out West and see very little if any litter. In the Parish where I used to live people actually throw out refrigerators, recliners and washing machines on the side of the highway….not 3 miles from a free solid waste refuse area. Oh well, sorry for the rant but damn it is a serious problem that needs addressing with serious fines and serious community service. Make the assholes build a park and clean the parks for a year. Trail cams would be a viable method of catching these assholes.

Wayne The Seine

“Everyone be cool. & at the same time be ready for those who aren’t cool.” ~Luke

Wayne Vogelaar

I can’t leave my home for 12 weeks so my new tent will not be getting used any time soon. I have COPD so I’m classed as an ‘at risk’ over 70 individual but at least I can watch your videos Luke, Stay safe young’un and your family of course!

Alan Kenney

Greetings from the UK. I share your anger mate and what I think about people like that is unprintable. But I love your vids; really inspirational stuff. Keep up the great work.

Rik Hammond

When I was 16 in 71’ I was as camping with friends at a place by a river we called “the bend”. I was on a cot in an old army bag and sometime early in the morning morning I felt something breathing on my face. Paralyzed with fear I opened my eyes to see a cow starring at me a few inches from my face. Ha! Having grown up on a ranch I knew to just stay still, there was a whole herd moseying around the camp and my friends, several on the ground in bags. The cow and I looked at each other for a few minutes and she moved on, so I went back to sleep. Since that time I’ve heard coyotes, wolves, and several unidentifiable sounds, but my heart never stopped like that “cow” night. Nice video by the way

Al Carrigan

Usually, I get too impatient to watch such a long video, but I truly enjoyed this.. felt as though I was on the adventure myself. ? I love that stove! ? Ty for picking up after others… sigh! Stay safe and healthy… Luke and family. ??

Ann Leo

I was hiking at night in Germany and as I passed a patch of trees I heard a low growl like the sound of a huge dog (Rottweiler came to my mind then). Then wolf crossed my mind. Whatever made the sound caused my heart rate to rocket and I could feel my chest wall pound but I knew better than to run which might have caused the animal’s natural predatory chase instinct to kick in. The only “weapon” on me was a Victorinox multi-tool and a wooden hiking staff I used for Volksmarching events. Another scare happened on the Mogollon Rim of Arizona. As I was in a squat position I felt I was being watched. I turned slowly and about 50 to 60 yards away up on a high rock was a mountain lion and it was crouched in a spring mode. I yelled (more like screamed) for my buddies to come help me. As they ran down the path towards my screams the animal turned abruptly and disappeared.

Alexander Weaver

Always combat ready my friend! Love the pat on your chest rig, I knew exactly what you meant. Just wish you could show it without YT penalizing you… Anyways, you made the right call with the weather coming in and I love watching your videos. I personally like the camping ones more myself as they evoke strong and good memories with long gone friends. But I still enjoy all of them regardless. So with that being said, I look forward to the next one Luke! May God bless and protect us all!

David Howell

Hay Luke I know what you think and feel about the mess left behind. I see it all the time here in Delaware people don’t care because they don’t have to clean up their mess. What I bring in I take out. I believe in (leave no trace). I’ve been an outdoorsman ALL my life. I’m 63yrs old and still LOVE the outdoors. Though I can’t do trails or long hikes I still do car/truck camping. Hope to meet you soon. Dennis from Delaware

David Corbett

It makes me so angry as well when people are sh*ting all over the nature, I can’t understand why it’s so hard to take a trash bag and throw in your garbage inside, especially when most of the people arrive by cars to these places. When I’m going fishing and camping, I see so much trash it makes my blood boil, like really… I don’t get it. Thank you and to the people who cares, for being a good person and taking care of the environment. Respect to you sir!

Ziv Velti

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