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Hot Tent Camping Cooking – Wood Carving – Father And Son

Join my son and I as we pull a sled full of gear into the snow covered forest for an overnighter in a new hot tent. We gather firewood and settle in for the evening of cooking a hot soup in a new pressure cooker then do some wood carving in the dark. Our new hot tent worked very well and the woodstove kept us warm all night long. Enjoy our adventure.

It’s nice to see a young boy go out camping with his dad. You don’t see that much these days. They’re usually sitting behind a screen playing video games or watching something. You know, like I’m doing right now


I’m very jealous, i wished I’d camped more like that with my stepson. We trailer camp. Glamped(wife not outdoorsey). Going to start getting back in to primitive very soon. Only 55 still plenty of life left in me and I’m retired form County DOT so i got the time. “Carry On”

Big Dave’s Outdoors

Great video love camping with the kids. My father took me as a young child we still talk about those times over 40 years ago memories that truly last a lifetime.

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Another great video, you’re an awesome father to your little ones and opening up a whole new world for them with what you’re teaching them. Keep at it and I’m looking forward to the next video.

Bobby B.

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