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Hot tent camping Alone in the wilderness

Solo wildcamping in a hot tent deep in the Canadian wilderness. Campfire cooking and the sounds of nature made this trip very relaxing and the rain conditions opened up to a beautiful sunset on the lake. The morning fog made for some excellent views while enjoying some fresh camp coffee.

You made me hungry that looked so yummy. Love the spot your in so beautiful relaxing esspecially to sit back having good coffee. Love foggy mornings and cozy hot tent. Would have liked to seen the squirrel. Another adventure enjoyed ? Thanks ?

Tina Silkov

Your YouTube videos are always so awesome ?❤️. you created and films the very best educational videos on YouTube ?, I always love to watch your videos on YouTube and make me learn a lot about everything’s camping and backpacking and how to cook a delicious food at campsite that i have never done before ???❤️. Thank you so very much for sharing your education videos ?, i really appreciate it ??❤️.

Dianna Ngu

Great video. I was not much of a winter camper until I found hot tenting, now I look forward to the cold weather. I’m envious that you still have crisp cold weather, while us southern dwellers have to wilt in the heat and humidity. Even when it gets warm up your way, I’ll bet that lake will cool you down real fast. lol Keep em coming brother

WoodsWalker 757

??The pot stand works well, turn over for your pot and another side for pan. Nice camping video especially the meal??

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