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First Successful Hot Tent Overnight

First Successful Hot Tent Overnight. 15F

Hot Tent Comments:

Congrats! I tried a make-shift tarp shelter with my mini-stove. My head was exposed to a north wind – temp dropping fast as it got dark. Took refuge in my hermit hut around 10:30 pm. haha. So I didn’t notice a damper on your stove pipe? I just scored a vintage Sunbeam tabletop grill that will make a bigger DIY tent stove. It was $8 on sale at ReStore. Hopefully I can make a door well enough – nice flat top for cooking – good snow legs. Also I got a GI two-strap duffel seabag – so it’s 3 feet tall. So I can load up gear for free camping in the national or state forest – with those shoulder straps I can hike or bicycle for 2 weeks of camping. That way I can camp year round if I need to. ( – Voidisyinyang Voidisyinyang from Youtube )

One thing I really liked about this video was its experimentation with new things: the make-shift pole for the one person inner; the double-sleeping bag; the melting snow instead of water as well as how you actually show the results of it, such as the temperature of the tent with and without the stove. ( – Philosophy Of Élivágar from Youtube )

Nice setup with the 1 person inner. I love the vestibule with the tarp, that is something I want to try with my Mini Peak XL. Another great video. ( – BarnYard Outdoors from Youtube )

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