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Compare Pomoly T1 Stove PERSPECTIVE vs Winnerwell Nomad View

These are wood-burning tent stoves with two glass windows. These two tent stoves burn wood with a big flame. These two tent stoves with tent stoves have a good visual experience when burning wood.

1. POMOLY T1 Stove PERSPECTIVE wood burning tent stove

Lonewolf 902

New and Exclusive look at this awesome titanium tent stove from POMOLY for hot tent camping. This stove is a great addition to add to your camping gear as it works as a wood stove for heating a shelter and as a bbq box for cooking outdoors. I will have more information and videos as I use it more and become more familiar with it. So far I love it and I hope you guys enjoy the sneak peek. Huge thank you to POMOLY.


Pomoly T1 Stove PERSPECTIVE wood burning tent stove is a fast foldable tent stove that can burn wood.

This wood-burning tent stove has a glass window and glass door, so you can easily watch the wood-burning.

This wood-burning tent stove is made of 1mm titanium plate, and its overall weight is only 8.6 lb.

POMOLY T1 Stove PERSPECTIVE wood burning tent stove can be used in car camping and hiking camping.



Price: $419.49 – $479.49

Weight: 8.6 lb / 3.9 kg

Material: 1mm Thickness Titanium (GR1/TA1)

Size: 14.9 x 8.7 x 7.1 in (38 x 22 x 18 cm)

Pipe length: 6.56ft/2m or 9.84ft/3m

View window Glass: YES

Folding: YES

2. Winnerwell Nomad View Wood Burning Tent Stove – Large


Burn of the Winnerwell Nomad View stove. Great little tent stove made out of stainless steel.


Winnerwell Nomad View is a stainless steel tent stove weighing 34 lb.

This tent stove is made of 304 Stainless Steel, which is strong and durable.

It has visible glass windows and glass doors as Pomoly T1 Stove PERSPECTIVE wood burning tent stove.

But Pomoly T1 Stove PERSPECTIVE wood tent stove has a larger glass area.

Winnerwell Nomad View has no foldable function and is not suitable for hiking camping.


Brand: Winnerwell

Price: $419 – $479

Weight: 34 lb / 15.42 kg

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Size:20” x 25” x 108” (108” indicates total height from the ground to the spark arrestor)

Pipe length: 5 x 17 in

View window Glass: YES

Folding: NO


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