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Bushcraft Base Camp – Wood Stove Cooking – Canvas Hot Tent Overnighter

Having a fun and simple enjoyable overnighter just cooking a delicious recipe I love and a big favorite at home in the Nomad View woodstove. It was raining a lot, the sound of the rain hitting the canvas combined with the sounds of the crackling stove fire were very comforting. Still very cold outside, but the stove did its job once again creating a very warm micro climate even with the door wide open most of the day. In case you are wondering why i sometimes don’t close the door, its for better light for filming inside. Even with the door open its still warmer than outside.

The next dinner party I have, that shrimp dish is what I’m serving.  It looks delicious.  I think I’ll tell my friends it is a new dish called “Nagualero Shrimp”, that’ll impress them.  Thanks for sharing this, that camping out looks like such a fun experience.

Lois Austin

That looks awesome Ric ! I think I could smell and taste it. Love the stove too. Thanks to you, I have the same one. I don’t know weather to get the pipe oven or the folding one. Thanks for the videos.


I am sort of new to your channel, I love it. I hope to do some of what you do soon. The challenge is getting the basics, but I’m getting there. Please keep the videos coming, as it is an inspiration to me to do it. Thank you and have fun, that’s the idea right . Carl USA

Carl Marsteller

That tent is a belter,and the setup inside is awesome, im pretty sure if I was doing a bushcraft long term camp that is the setup to have, so spacious and cosey. awesome video again buddy, have you got any sew on patches with your name and logo.

Mtbtrailcookbushcraft Outdoor

I really like the design of this stove. The glass window to enjoy watching the fire. Is this the medium size or large size? Seems like only the large size has glass window? It would be nice if the medium size also has window. I don’t need the large size, only medium size is enough.

psy Amok 

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