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In this video I set out to my river camp with the onetigris iron wall hot tent and a onetigris synthetic top quilt for testing. great food and a touch of rainy weather on this one. all went well and the gear performed very well as usual. hope this was of some help to you and I hope the adventure makes you want to get outdoors.

Nice outing… I enjoyed this video and I like that Hot Tent… You should put a link to that tent in the description… Dennis, Canoehound Adventures

Canoehound Adventures

Great video! Idk why but I was entertained the entire time watching u set up lol. Nicely done

Victor Valdovinos

Hey brother, new subscriber. Been loving the content especially hot tent camping. Hope to see you put that hot tent and stove to good use this winter. Looking forward to the next video!

Steven S

Nice video man, beauty spot there beside the river ! food looked great too. I received my Iron Wall tent today ! and I have a stove on it’s way too, really looking forward to getting out for a winter camp. I’m planning on making a stove jack out of one of those Silicone BBQ baking sheets, they are good to 450*f or 220*c so that should work. Also for a sleeping bag in the tent… do you think a cold winter bag is needed or is a 0* bag ok? might just have to wear some long johns or something. Also are you now sponsored by onetigris or do you just like their products? thanks for the video !

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