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$100 Ultralight Hot Tent Camping

“Our stove jack material is the exact same material being used in $1000+ tipi shelters and hot tents. Don’t settle for anything less.”

Great video, but we had -24c this past Monday and Tuesday and 6″ of frost in the ground already..No snow though yet to talk about. Still need my first fall/winter camp-out…..cheers Fred


Great video! I’m finally getting around to building my kit for the elusive “4th season” and this tent might just make the list. Sorry if someone has already asked, but what is the stove you are using?


Thanks for this great review. I just ordered my seek outside stove with a megahorn 4p, can’t wait to try it in the bush. Do you think I will have problems burning my tent since I didn’t get the second spark arrestor? Happy holidays!

Nadeau-Lessard Julien

I like the idea of the 2 doors; the flexibility for entry is great, especially if you had 2 people in the tent, you wouldn’t have to squeeze by each other or the hot stove. It looks like the same material as the OneTigris – 20D Silnylon making this one very light shelter.


Walker, your channel has a very bad effect on my financial health. Every time I watch you vid, I have to go buy some new toys that I don’t need but must have hahaahaa. You are probably the online sales person that make $$$ mil.

psy Amok

Good to see you again. As I always you bring something new to the table. I have a snowmobile hot tent situation but lack a potential future backpack option. This tent looks perfect. I like buying American but there expensive and it’s not worth it if I don’t get to use it much. My snowmobile equipment right now works so I don’t want to get one nice tent for both situations. I’ll be considering this and thanks for the mod advice and links. I’m watching vids and gearing up. I hope to start my own channel this year that I didn’t pull off last winter. Thanks you are my top inspiration and I learned a lot from you. Got my Seek stove after watching you and others ?❤️??❄️☃️⛺️?

Lord Marshall

The hook inside the tent, at the top, most likely to hang an ‘inner net’ setup. I just bought a 1.5 person full winter inner (read-very little netting) from Luxe as a close out. About $41, cheap. Fits in my MLD Duomid XL just fine. Uses the hook at the top to hang. Nice video.

David G Perfectdaycalendar

I just found your channel ……..I’m currently obsessed with hot tents …..for the price I don’t think that can be beat ! Honestly , I’m shocked . I already have a seekoutside stove , the large model , and a homemade hot tent … I’m going to look into one of these ! Liked and subbed !! – Justin

It’s Good in the Woods

Hello I’m a fellow New Englander and I just liked and subscribed to your channel and I was wondering what part of New England do you live in? I myself reside in the Boston Massachusetts area anyway let me know and I look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon. ATB MY FRIEND ?? Bushcraft forever ??️???

Brian Thornton

Hey Kevin, thanks! the video I’ve been waiting for. Never heard of the Alibaba before. Been seeing a lot of YouTube videos recently on the One Tigris/Black Orca Smokey Hut tents (which I never heard of either until very recently). They’re about $140. I was about to pull the trigger on one. Now I have to go check out the one you have! your tent looks very similar to the Smokey Hut. Frying pan looks nice too. Wish I could have got a great deal on the Exped too. Can’t ask for much more – Camping, Hot Tent and Sacred Bacon! Interested to see how your tent does in the dead of winter. I was leary on getting the One Tigris since the price was so affordable and how it would do in extreme weather.

Jeff Richards

Third! I’ve liked it, now I’ll watch it! Thanks, man! I LOVE it when you go hot tenting! And the sound of that wood you sawed up for the stove…you just know when you knock two pieces of it together, the sound alone tells you how it’s gonna burn. Nice! The chorizo sausage with the cauliflower rice…forget about it! Looked delicious. I’ve switched to that as well.

Doug Zirkle

Interesting video. Good stuff. Very entertaining. I just subscribed. What is your favorite sleeping bag? What is your backpack size and name brand? Thank you so much for sharing this video. God bless you.


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