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$100 Hot Tent On The Trail. Multi Day Winter Storm. Solo adventure.

Went to one of my favorite camping spots on the AT to test the $100 dollar hot tent in bad weather. The wild winter weather lasted for days.

Now this is a video that I love because the man is real he’s not using the most named brand equipment just a normal blue collar man good video bud I loved it

James Eveland

A lot of direction comes from Military, old school Scouts, they both taught me how to survive. I also learned from the VC, NVA, how to set up my camps an how to use what you have around you for Camo ….Always look for the simple stuff first……..

Chris Miller

I’ve never gone camping and I can’t see camping in my foreseeable future but. You sir are a really cool dude. Looks like you enjoyed your camping and you enjoyed showing us how to do a thing or two. Great attitude. Keep up the videos amigo. Ps Idk how I got here I was listening to deftones a few videos ago.

S motorwerks

I purchased a couple military sleeping bags like you have, worth every penny. Dry no matter what I’m warm and dry. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and adventures with us, I appreciate it sir.


Great video, I watched the whole thing. I like how you demonstrated several days with it, showing what it was like instead of spending a few hours and talking a lot about it. Were you using cotton and vaseline to start your fires? That is what I use, but couldn’t tell. Also that last meal you cooked look fantastic and I have added it to my camping menu. Also I liked the look of your folding saw, maybe you could do a review of it. Cheers from Idaho.

Fry Sause
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