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Who is Outdoor Boys, Outdoors Youtuber?

Who are outdoor Boys?


Who is Outdoor Boys, Outdoors Youtuber (1)


“Outdoor Boys” is a YouTube channel co founded by a boy named Luke Nichols and his sons Tommy and Nate. They like to do everything outdoors. Their most popular video is called “Epic Bicycle Crash – Tommy’s Balanced Bicycle Fails!” So far, the number of views has exceeded 16 million.

The Outdoor Boys video channel currently has over 84,000 subscribers, over 13.5 million views so far, and only 77 videos posted during the last 3 years. So he is only posting roughly 1 video every 2 weeks, and yet clearly knows how to market it.

Outdoor Boys Luke Nichols family members


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Outdoor boys is a team effort fulfilled by Father, Mother, and sons. When looking at the Luke Nicholson Family, Luke Nichols is the father, Rebecca is the mother, and Tommy, Nate, and Jacob are the other family members.


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In the following video posted back in February Luke shows how to turn an old farriers rasp into a knife – a knife that doubles as a rasp and is very useful for starting a fire. So definitely a good video for survivalists to watch. Also good for anyone who likes to recycle things or DIY projects… and its Educational! So woot!

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Luke Nichols, a criminal defense attorney and host of the Outdoor Boys YouTube Channel, built a bush craft log cabin with his own two hands. Nichols used an axe and a bow saw, along with mostly “primitive techniques” to complete the log cabin.

In one of his most recent videos, Nichols highlighted how he spent one year building and camping in his log cabin survival shelter with his three young sons, Tommy, Nate, and Jacob.

Throughout the video, Nichols educates viewers on his personal camping techniques and even demonstrates how to cook simple meals out in the woods. He captures his adventures on a GoPro HERO7 Black.

Outdoor boys net worth 2022

Outdoor boy net worth is around 1.2M USD. Youtubing, Influencing, sponsoring, and affiliating have been the main income-generating ways for his net worth.

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