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Pomoly Tent Stove Manufacturer’s True and False

Many companies making outdoor products have contacted foreign trade dealers and suppliers, so how do distinguish between true and false manufacturers? Allow me to analyze some points for you.

1. Quality.

For example, Pomoly titanium stove and thermal expansion canopy are very popular. The main reasons are as follows. 1. The heat resistance and lightweight of the furnace can be used many times. Their hot tent is not only beautiful but also safe.

2. Pay special attention to detail and workmanship.

The national conditions abroad are different from those at home. Pomoly has a complete production team. I believe that after this epidemic, we have deepened our understanding of this point. Counterfeit manufacturers usually use more common fabrics and materials. This can’t be compared with genuine products.

3. Logo.

Manufacturers of every brand will mark their products with the company’s logo. This is certain. If the product you buy has no logo or different letters, it must be a fake product. After you buy the product, you will not be able to get the service of the brand.
I once bought Pomoly’s fake products online. The quality is out of tolerance. As far as I know, Pomoly has its own R & D team, so the online suppliers are fake. If you buy pomoly products, please go to Pomoly’s official website.

Pomoly official website