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Pomoly Stove VS Kapila Stove, which one is better

Recently, a customer from Canada found that there was a store in Canada with the same products as pomoly. Thank you very much for this buyer, because this shop called Kapila is about to be closed!!!

First, let’s talk about why it was closed?

In fact, Pomoly’s products are patented. Kapilais not their distributor, so it has no right to sell these products. What is the difference between genuine and pirated products?

1. Quality. Pomoly has its own manufacturers whose products are sold on the market after many tests. Kapila just looks for inferior manufacturers to produce according to the photos on Pomoly’s official website.

2. Service attitude. Businesses like Kapila that copy other people’s brands will not consider the needs of customers. When the product has problems, they don’t have enough patience to solve your problems. In addition, they don’t have professional knowledge to answer your problems for you.

3. After sales problems. Many people always ignore the after-sales problem of a product when buying a product. Companies like Kapila will only copy the appearance and design of others. In addition, when you buy Kapila products, your money has gone to their account. If you have a problem after using the stove, they can’t solve your problem, and you won’t get any compensation.

Kapila will not guarantee the quality of products

1. For example, pomoly sued Kapila in Amazon market last week. Now, Kapila’s products are not allowed to be sold in Amazon market, and Kapila stores are also banned by Amazon officials. They will not be able to enter Amazon market for a long time. Buyers who have bought Kapila products will not be compensated.

okay. I hope the friends who read this article can no longer be deceived by the hateful plagiarists like Kapila!

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