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Is Pomoly Dome X4 Camping Hot Tent Worth Buying?

Winter is coming, do you want to go to the most interesting winter camping activities? The most important thing about camping in sub-zero weather is to keep warm. Even if we had the best sleeping bags and blankets, the cold air would still beat us. So you should have a professional camping tent- Pomoly Dome X4 Camping Hot Tent

Dome X4 Camping Hot Tent’s pros & cons


  • Fast setup
  • Dome design helps repel rain
  • Symmetrical structure, safe and stable
  • Three door design
  • You can use a stove in your tent. The removable ground plate of the Dome X4 is specially designed for wood stoves.
  • Large area can install camp bed


  • More expensive than other tents with a stove jack
  • Not as spacious as other tents

What is the design of the Dome X4 Camping Hot Tent?

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First of all, Dome X4 Camping Hot Tent is a ball account, which is the first ball account of Pomoly so far. It combines Pomoly’s other tent series. Let’s see where the magic of Dome X4 Camping Hot Tent lies!



The most important reason why I like this tent is that it has three doors. When I am camping, I prefer to breathe fresh air rather than stay in a tent all the time. Usually, I will open all the doors of the tent. I like to see the outside scenery in the tent

2. Stove Jack with Velcro

The integrated stove jack makes the surface of the tent flatter, the triangular cloth (rain cover) with a waterproof zipper can completely cover the stove jack, and the small plackets on both sides can prevent rainwater from touching the zipper.

3. Ground Sheet with Flame Retardant Fabric

The Dome X4 Camping Hot Tent floor mat has more advantages than other camping tents. The floor mat can be fixed by six buckles with adjustable webbing. One-sixth of the area is made of fireproof fabric. Even if the high-temperature carbon fire accidentally falls on the mat, it will not be scalded.


Dome X4 Camping Hot Tent has a unique design. As a waterproof tent in all seasons, it provides rain, wind, and snow protection. This hot tent can be used by two people, or provide a huge living space for a single adventurer. The dome tent has three doors for easy access.

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