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How to Prevent Deformation of Titanium Stove

I believe friends who have used titanium stove know that titanium stove is rare in the market now because it is very difficult to make. The weight of titanium stoves on the market is between 0.6-1mm. To make the stove lighter. These manufacturers have to choose between the weight and thickness of the stove. So far, there is not a fully deformation-resistant stove.


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The advantages of a titanium stove always outweigh its disadvantages. Therefore, here are fIve ways to reduce tent deformation.


1. The stove should be placed in a flat place. The slope or uneven ground may cause the stove to warp.

2. Please do not burn the titanium stove with high fire. The thickness of a titanium stove on the market is between 0.6mm-1mm, so the stove is very thin. It is normal for a titanium stove to produce slight deformation. Please don’t burn it in a big fire, otherwise, the stove will be deformed in a large area.

3. When using the titanium stove for the first time, please complete a trial firing process. The titanium stove shall be used for trial firing for 1-3 hours for the first time, and the stove shall be cooled naturally.

4. Try to use branches, bark, or pieces of paper for burning materials. Too heavy combustibles should be stacked evenly to prevent the warpage of the stove caused by uneven weight.

5. Please fix the stove pipe with air rope. In windy weather, the excessive swaying of heavy stove pipes may cause the stove to warp.


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Although these methods cannot guarantee that the stove will not deform, if you do so, even if the stove deforms, there will be no large-area deformation. These slight deformations will not affect your use of the stove.

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