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Countdown to POMOLY Christmas Sale: Get the Perfect Hot Tent for Your Outdoor Adventures

Are you ready for the most exciting Christmas sale of the year? Look no further! POMOLY is bringing you an exclusive outdoor sale with amazing discounts on their top-quality hot tents and stoves. Whether you’re an avid camper or just starting your outdoor journey, this sale is not to be missed. Gear up for your next adventure with the perfect hot tent and stove combo!

Hot Tents: Your Home Away From Home

One of the standout items in this sale is the versatile hot tent, designed to enhance your camping experience. The lightweight tent features one room and one spacious living room, complete with a stove area and a cozy sleeping area. With its superior design, it can comfortably accommodate two adults, making it the perfect choice for a romantic getaway or a solo expedition.

Introducing the Hot Tent Series:

Dome X6 Pro: Enjoy a 6% discount on this top-of-the-line hot tent that combines durability with functionality.

Dome X6: Get a 6% discount on this reliable and spacious hot tent, perfect for all your camping needs.

Dome X4 Pro: Experience the ultimate comfort with a 6% discount on this high-quality hot tent.

Dome X4: Save 6% on this versatile and easy-to-set-up hot tent, ideal for any outdoor adventure.

Circle 6: With a 6% discount, this hot tent offers ample space to comfortably accommodate your camping gear.

STOVEHUT 70: Get 6% off on this hot tent, which features an oversized front room for extra equipment storage.

STOVEHUT 20: Enjoy a 6% discount on this compact and efficient hot tent, perfect for solo camping trips.

HUSSAR 20: Save 5% on this hot tent that strikes the perfect balance between functionality and portability.

Stoves: Stay Warm and Well-Fed

No camping experience is complete without a reliable stove to keep you warm and well-fed. POMOLY offers an excellent range of stoves that perfectly complement their hot tents.

Featured Stoves:

Fold X: Take advantage of a 5% discount on this versatile and compact stove, ideal for any outdoor cooking adventure.

Dweller Max 3: Save 6% on this powerful and efficient stove, designed to meet all your cooking needs.

Dweller Max 2.0: Enjoy a 6% discount on this upgraded version of the popular Dweller Max stove, offering enhanced performance.

Dweller Max Ti: With a 5% discount, this titanium stove combines lightweight design with exceptional heat output.

Dweller Max Ti 3: Get 5% off on this compact and durable titanium stove, perfect for solo or small group camping trips.

Don’t Miss Out on the POMOLY Christmas Sale!

Mark your calendars and get ready for the POMOLY Christmas Sale. With incredible discounts on hot tents and stoves, this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your camping gear and make your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable. Visit the POMOLY website at to explore the participating items and corresponding discounts. Hurry, the sale is only for a limited time!

Make this Christmas truly unforgettable with POMOLY’s top-quality hot tents and stoves. Happy camping and happy holidays!

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