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Hot tent DIY ammo can stove

Check out yet another budget friendly piece of gear in my collection. A new diy ammo can wood burning stove for hot tent camping ! Very exciting stuff with this little guy. (use extreme caution if you do use a stove inside your shelter) . If you have any questions about the stove please feel free to ask in the comment section or message me on my Instagram listed below. Photos also available on my Instagram.Thank you.

I thought it was me! Alien abduction loss of time kind of thing ! Good video, smart to use the can up side down , keep them coming, I like the videos where your in the rain or heavy snow setting up camp , the sound of rain hitting the tarp works for me !

I am groot

Very cool!Been following your adventures on IG lately. Good to see what you’re up to in NS! I just got a hold of an ammo can stove and am excited to give it a try. Cheers from Nebraska, USA!

Pike Outside

Hello lone wolf. Just watched your video for the first time today, and found you fun to watch! I love your Canadian accent, and your camera seems very high quality along with your creativity in all your different views. I’ve never used a stove in my tent while camping just because any stove would be small and I would be up all night keeping it going. Don’t think the exchange is worth it, sleep over heat. I find a hot water bottle in my bag, and toe warmers gets me through the night pretty good. Keep up the good work my friend, you’re an inspiration to all of us wilderness campers!

Freddie thecat

Great stove doing out doors is great but when it gets too expensive that’s when it’s not fun you did the right thing to do I’m doing the same thing using my imagination at a lower cost and have good family time 👍and love watching your videos keep on trucking

Eric Marois

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